Sunday, March 2, 2008


Kyoya is one of my favorite restaurants in NY.

They offer very authentic Japanese food. I feel like being Japan almost.

I always ask if we can sit in front of chef Sono. Chef Counter.
He is very friendly person, and I always enjoy having conversation with him about his food.

If you go, make sure to check out their special menu.

This time, they have a great sea urchin, octopus, and a mackerel sashimi.

According to Sono, 80% of ingredients are from Japan, and 20% are from local.

Except sea urchin, they were from Japan. Sea urchin was from Prince Edward Island.

Sea urchin tastes very sweet and mild.. Texture of octopus was very crunchy, and it tasted very good with sea salt.

Presentation is gorgeous, and almost you do not want to mess with it.

I also tried "Karasumi". Karasumi is Bora fish's egg......

Ok... I didn't know what to call Bora in English, so I just checked.


Mullet....?? Yes, it was MULLET.

Why? does Bora have long hair in a back? LOL

Anyway, Mullet's egg tastes yummy!

I also had Chawan Mushi (Egg Custard), Miso Marinated Beef Tongue, and Rice with Crab.

Those were very very good.

My favorite was Chawan Mushi. It has a lot of ingredients inside of custard, and enjoyed so much.

If you go, you should also try some desserts.

They have Houji Tea Ice Cream. Of course handmade by chef.

Houji Tea is roasted green tea, so it gives roasted aroma and flavor.. very good.

Kyoya is located in East Village, and you almost feel you find your own hidden place.


94 East 7th St.

Bet 1st & A


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