Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Harry's Steak House

There are several steak houses in financial district.

I went to Harry's Steak last night. Why? Because that was the closest place from my home :)
Interior is very classic. very classic.

Anyway, this is what we ate.

  • King Crab Legs

  • Beefsteak Tomato 3 ways

  • NY Strip Steak

  • Sautéed Wild Mushrooms

  • Creamed Spinach

  • Sorbet Selection

  • Berries and Cream

Well, I should suggest "just try main dish".

I can tell crab legs were frozen for a long time. Probably steamed with salt long time ago...so it was very salty, and of course did not taste fresh.

Tomato 3 ways dish were so boring.

Since appetizers were not appealing to me, I was not expecting main dish to be good.
But surprisingly (good surprise), main dish were really good.
I tried strip steak, but Reflection (my boy friend) tried rib eye steak, and I liked rib eye better.
very tender. good amount of fat. very juicy.
Steak sauce (probably house made) came with it. But that had too much vinegar, and I did not really like that sauce.
Also, side dish were both good.

I would like to come back again, but just for steak.

Harry's Steak
(212) 785-9200