Friday, April 4, 2008

Greenwich Grill OPEN!

"Greenwich Grill" is opened in Tribeca today!!!

I had a chance to try their food last night with owner from Japan, and I can give you my sneak preview report.

It is located on Greenwich Street, between Vestry and Laight Streets.
Greenwich Grill has been carefully renovated to retain Romanesque Revival construction of the original 125 years old building which was bought by the company.

There is a bar counter on the right side, and seats on the left side.
It looks very casual, but you will find a very elegant dining after you walk through the narrow corridor.
A elegant dining space has great high ceiling with skylight.

1st floor offers "Pacific Grill" food.
Pacific Grill is a combination of Californian, Italian & traditional French cuisine.

You will see the menu at their website, and all of the menu sounds mouthwatering.

I tried Baked Tripe Stew. Only $10. Yes, it is a small portion, but you will enjoy full-body flavored tripe, chick peas, and tomato sauce. (see picture below)

Surprisingly (great surprise for me!!), there is a basement which offers completely different cuisine - authentic upscale sushi restaurant, called "Azabu".

You won't see any signs of the Sushi restaurant, so it is almost like hidden restaurant you don't anybody to know...

Sushi chef was brought from Japan, and he is only 29 years old.... his Sushi was amazing.
Great rice, great fish selection, and great atmosphere.

Also,,,, great price. What I mean "great" is "great bargain for NY sushi restaurant".

If you go Sushi Den, Sushi Yasuda, or 15 East, you pay $150-$200 per person easily including liquor. But here.... you pay $100 at most. That is much better price than all other high-end Sushi place in NY.

I definitely come back soon, and try many other dishes.
Greenwich Grill also offers lunch on Mon-Fri, and brunch on Sun.

Opentable reservation is already available, so that is a good news also.

Greenwich Grill
428 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 274-0427