Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Matsugen New York

Matsugen opened at old 66 spot in Tribeca.
Jean George had a partnership with Matsugen, so this restaurant does not look like authentic Japanese restaurant... but Jean George didn't even involve menu creation.
But I am surprised he was actually ther yesterday..

Interior was a little intimidating. Tall ceiling, huge and tall dining table, and almost too perfect decoration.

Matsugen Japan serves mainly soba noodle, but you can enjoy sushi, soba, and a little bit of every Japanese food here.

I only tried Soba noodle yesterday, but soba itself was really good.
My dish was Kamoseiro (you dip soba in duck soup)... Soup was a little bit too oily, but it was good enough to be worth coming back only for this.

I had a chance to look around a kitchen inside, and they have their own soba flour machine, as well as handmade soba creation performance in front of window facing to the street.

I will definitely come back here to eat more variety menus.
But I would rather sit on the regular table so that I can relax and eat next time.

241 Church St.
at Leonard St.