Monday, August 2, 2010

Hide chan Ramen

Another ramen shop has opened in midtown east, called "Hide-chan Ramen".
Hide-chan Ramen came from Fukuoka, Japan. Obviously, Hide-chan Ramen is very famous in Fukuoka.

Hide-chan Ramen uses Tonkotsu base for soup, and I ordered "Black Ramen".

It looks like black squid sauce on top of this ramen, but it is not black squid. It is black spicy oil with roasted garlic oil. But it is not as garlicky as I expected. Somewhat soup was a bit sour, but it tastes good. Noodle was very thin, and I hoped it would be thicker noodle. But overall this ramen is worth trying.

My friend ordered "Tsuke Men" ramen, which comes with noodle and soup separately. You are supposed to dip noodle into soup. This soup was extremely spicy, but tasty.

They open lunch and dinner, and dinner closes 2am. I definitely want try dinner time, as they have gyoza dampling.

Hide Chan Ramen
248 E 52nd St
New York, NY 10022
(212) 813-1800