Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hahm Ji Bach

I don't know what to say about this.....

This Flushing Korean BBQ joint looks a very ordinary place from outside.
Most customers are Korean, so it has to be good.

One of our friends suggested to eat "Sam Gyup Sal", pork belly BBQ.
This thick, beautiful pork belly is something I could eat every day... seriously.

Pork belly with grilled Kimchee and garlic, wrapped with sesame leaf. Great way to enjoy this.

Also, try "Kanjan Kejan" and "Kejan". Kejan is spicy cured crab. Kanjan kejan is marinated crab with soy sauce. Both of them are so tasty, and great match with Soju.

I am in heaven. We say "Korean Orgasm".

You can't miss this if you live in NY.

Hahm Ji Bach
4108 149th Pl, Flushing
(718) 460-9289

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